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Apex Trigger Status Made Simple

Have you ever needed to deactivate a trigger for some maintenance activities on records or for a code deployment? At a high level, the act of activating/deactivating a trigger is simple. Go to your Salesforce sandbox, modify the status of the trigger and deploy the code. Depending on your unit test coverage for the trigger you may have to tweak the test class and include that in the deployment. [...]

Beginner Apex Trigger Example

This post is intended for beginner developers or admins that are interested in learning more about the development side of the Salesforce platform. We will walk through the creation of a Salesforce Apex Trigger, highlight the fundamental elements of the logic and identify why the logic was built the way that we coded it here. [...]

Update to Partner Contact by Community User

Businesses that utilize Salesforce Communities for partners instead of the standard partner portal may find that partners have the ability to search for and find the Contact record that corresponds to their Community User record. It would be nice if did not allow for this visibility because the Partner User is technically unable to make updates to the Partner Contact record. If they click the "Edit" button for the Contact they will receive the Insufficient Privileges message. [...]

Salesforce Apex Trigger to Reassign Contacts and Open Opportunities

Standard Salesforce functionality allows for the reassignment of Contacts and open Opportunities when the Account to which these records are associated is reassigned to a new User. Clicking the "[change]" link next to the Account Owner field on the Account detail page will allow you to step through a process by which you select a new Account owner and save the changes. Once the changes are made the system will go out and reassign all Contacts and all open Opportunities owned by the old Account Owner to the new Account Owner. This is useful and so automatic that you may not even be aware that it happens. [...]

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