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Apex Test Method for Removing Scheduled Batches

Don't you really dislike when you go to deploy some code to a production Salesforce org and it fails because you forgot to unschedule a batch class? This is especially frustrating in a larger org where there is lots of code running and the deployment takes a long time due to the large number of @isTest methods that need to be run. I thought I would share some code that I wrote, which will remove any scheduled batch jobs and, therefore, avoid any issues with deployments in your orgs. Besides, who doesn't want to see more examples of @isTest Apex methods? [...]

Wrapper Class Example for Visualforce Page

I must admit that when I first heard about using a wrapper class in a Visualforce page I did not really grasp the concept. Reading the developer docs and reading other blogs didn’t really help either. It was only when I came across a practical use case that the concept really sunk in and I thought I would share that here for any other developers trying to make sense of the idea. [...]

Avoid Heap Size Limits in Visualforce Pages

I built this great Visualforce page where I display and allow for editing of many records at once. The initial business requirement was for only a few hundred records to be used in this application but, as usual, requirements morphed and now the business wants to be able to use this app for thousands of records. So guess what... we now encounter the "System.LimitException: Apex heap size too large" governor limit. WTF! [...]

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