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Dynamic Salesforce Report from Custom Button

I recently attended the Buffalo Salesforce User Group meeting. During the session a guest speaker conducted a demo of some development he did for his company's production Salesforce org. One of the items he touched on that spurred a lot of discussion was a custom button he built to pass a value to a report from a detail page of a given record. The resulting discussion was surprising because I really didn't know that so many admins were unaware of the benefits of creating these custom buttons. And, after participating in the discussion, I thought that this would be a great topic for a blog post because there is so much that you can do if you understand this relatively simple trick. [...]

Create Custom Report Type for Salesforce Ideas

Have you rolled out the Ideas functionality for your Salesforce org? If so, do you have the need to report on the Ideas by profile or role or some other field? An administrator at one of the businesses I support contacted me and asked why he couldn't create a report to show the number of votes by specific Users in his org. The management team decided that they would hold a competition to see who is using the Ideas functionality the most and they weren't able to create a report to provide the details they were seeking. [...]

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