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Avoiding Salesforce Web-to-Lead Spam

Earlier this week I attended the Denver Salesforce User Group meeting. One of the attendees was a new user and asked the group if others were using the web-to-lead functionality. Some were capitalizing on this functionality but, to my astonishment, not everyone. Many of the folks that began discussing this topic expressed frustration over how to implement and concerns about spam. One of the respondents indicated that they went live with the functionality on one of their web forms but had to pull it down because they were receiving way too many spam leads. [...]

Enabling the Bulk API with the Salesforce Data Loader

Part of the Salesforce Winter '10 release was something that the release notes and folks at refer to as the Bulk API. Also, you may have read that the 'Bulk Loader' is now available and it will now take longer to count the records than it will to load them, blah, blah, blah... Since I work with customers that have large numbers of records I thought I would look into getting the 'Bulk Loader' and using it to tweak some 3 million account records in a Sandbox. [...]

Custom Picklist in Visualforce Page

Let's say that you're building a Visualforce page and you want to provide a picklist option for your users on the page. If the field where you want to store the selection is a picklist then you have no issue because the field definition will define that the page display a picklist when the Visualforce page is rendered. However, let's say that you want to display a picklist option based on a query from another object. How would you do that? [...]

Salesforce Extended Mail Merge

I was on a call today with a client that constantly uses the Mail Merge functionality of Salesforce. It is important for their business to send out a lot of direct mail pieces. Anyway, they were unaware of the Extended Mail Merge capability of Salesforce and it surprised me because they have been Salesforce subscribers for many years now. So I took a few moments to demonstrate the Extended Mail Merge features and I also thought that this would be a good topic to write about on the site. [...]

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