Apex Test Method for Removing Scheduled Batches

Don't you really dislike when you go to deploy some code to a production Salesforce org and it fails because you forgot to unschedule a batch class? This is especially frustrating in a larger org where there is lots of code running and the deployment takes a long time due to the large number of @isTest methods that need to be run. I thought I would share some code that I wrote, which will remove any scheduled batch jobs and, therefore, avoid any issues with deployments in your orgs. Besides, who doesn't want to see more examples of @isTest Apex methods?

The code including comments is below:

    Created by: Greg Hacic
    Last Update: 11 October 2012 by Greg Hacic
    Questions?: www.interactiveties.com/contact
private class testSomeBatchProcess {
	@isTest //defines method for use during testing only
    static void testLogic() {
        removeCronTriggers(); //call the method that will remove the scheduled batches
        //do the rest of your testing...
    public static void removeCronTriggers() {
        Set<Id> adminProfiles = new Set<Id>(); //set for holding the Ids of Profiles that have the PermissionsModifyAllData permission
        for (Profile p : [SELECT Id FROM Profile WHERE PermissionsModifyAllData = true]) { //for all profiles where the PermissionsModifyAllData permission is True
            adminProfiles.add(p.Id); //add the Id to our Set
        User adminUser = [SELECT Id FROM User WHERE isActive = true AND ProfileId in : admin_profiles LIMIT 1]; //select an active user that has a valid admin profile
        System.runAs(adminUser) { //run as the selected User
            List<CronTrigger> cronTriggersReadyToFireAgain = [SELECT Id FROM CronTrigger WHERE NextFireTime != null]; //create a list of CronTrigger records that are scheduled to fire again
            if (!cronTriggersReadyToFireAgain.isEmpty()) { //if the list is not empty
                for (CronTrigger t : cronTriggersReadyToFireAgain) { //for each record
                    System.abortJob(t.Id); //abort the job


Short post but I thought this would be useful to those of you that use batch Apex in your Salesforce orgs.

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