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Prevent Calendar Display When Page is Loaded

We've all seen those edit pages in Salesforce when you access the page and a date or date/time field calendar widget immediately pops up. Sometimes that's okay but sometimes we would like to prevent that from happening because we would prefer the focus to be on some other element of the page. As a Visualforce developer you can accomplish this with a very simple snippet of JavaScript. [...]

Contact Edit Visualforce Page

I was coaching a beginner developer recently and she had a simple question. "Why doesn't my Contact Edit Visualforce page look like the standard Contact Edit page?" She was trying to format the Salutation and First Name fields so that they were on a single line and in one column of a two column layout. The screenshot below illustrates the standard layout, which she was trying to mimic in her Visualforce page. [...]

Modify Profile Permissions Using Enhanced List Views

Often times developers will move an object from a Salesforce sandbox to a Salesforce production org using tools like Ant, change sets or the Eclipse IDE. Developers may not always include Profile permissions when they move their objects from org to org. This means that any Create, Read, Write or Edit (CRUD) settings for an object will be unspecified for all Profiles except their own when the object gets created in the target organization. [...]

Beginner Apex Trigger Example

This post is intended for beginner developers or admins that are interested in learning more about the development side of the Salesforce platform. We will walk through the creation of a Salesforce Apex Trigger, highlight the fundamental elements of the logic and identify why the logic was built the way that we coded it here. [...]

Update to Partner Contact by Community User

Businesses that utilize Salesforce Communities for partners instead of the standard partner portal may find that partners have the ability to search for and find the Contact record that corresponds to their Community User record. It would be nice if did not allow for this visibility because the Partner User is technically unable to make updates to the Partner Contact record. If they click the "Edit" button for the Contact they will receive the Insufficient Privileges message. [...]

Do not create a new opportunity upon Lead conversion using Apex and Visualforce

My client has a use case where they want to convert a Lead but not create an Opportunity at time of conversion. The standard Lead conversion page is fine with the business owners but they want the "Do not create a new opportunity upon conversion" checkbox selected when the page is accessed by the Users in their org. This will allow Users to create an Opportunity in certain cases but default the option to false otherwise. [...]

Daily Processing For Permission Set Access

I came across a use case earlier this month where a Salesforce business owner needed to be able to role out some functionality in a series of waves. Basically, the business was planning on running a pilot with a subset of users for a period of time and then at some interval they planned on granting access to additional users. The business owners wanted to be able to maintain that access and they wanted to be able to turn it on easily. [...]

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