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Custom Salesforce Button to Execute JavaScript

I make everyone on my team track their time using a custom Time_Card__c object in our Salesforce org. At the end of each pay period I have to update the Status field on these Time_Card__c records to something and most often the status is set to 'Paid.' Since it can be frustrating to update many records repeatedly to the same value and some folks don't like using the Excel Connector or Data Loader to perform mass updates, I thought that it would be easier to create a custom button where I could select the records from a Time Card list view or Project Detail page related list and then click a button and have Salesforce update the records in mass via JavaScript. [...]

Create Custom Report Type for Salesforce Ideas

Have you rolled out the Ideas functionality for your Salesforce org? If so, do you have the need to report on the Ideas by profile or role or some other field? An administrator at one of the businesses I support contacted me and asked why he couldn't create a report to show the number of votes by specific Users in his org. The management team decided that they would hold a competition to see who is using the Ideas functionality the most and they weren't able to create a report to provide the details they were seeking. [...]

Pre-popoulate Salesforce Lookup Fields Using URL Parameters

A few years ago I wrote a post about how to populate information into Salesforce fields by navigating the User from page to page. I received a lot of good feedback on that post and the logic for it pretty much remains unchanged today. The intent of that original post was to identify how an administrator could use button overrides to get a User from one page to another and still auto-fill some of the details for the next page on behalf of the User. Go here to see my original post. [...]

Salesforce Batch Apex - Invalid Query Locator

I recently encountered an 'Invalid Query Locator' error while developing a batch Apex class that took me too long to resolve. I was able to trial & error my way through it until I got the code to work but I found it very frustrating that I was unable to find a solution on another developer board or blog. So here's my attempt at helping others that may encounter this problem. [...]

Salesforce Apex Trigger to Reassign Contacts and Open Opportunities

Standard Salesforce functionality allows for the reassignment of Contacts and open Opportunities when the Account to which these records are associated is reassigned to a new User. Clicking the "[change]" link next to the Account Owner field on the Account detail page will allow you to step through a process by which you select a new Account owner and save the changes. Once the changes are made the system will go out and reassign all Contacts and all open Opportunities owned by the old Account Owner to the new Account Owner. This is useful and so automatic that you may not even be aware that it happens. [...]

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