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Whitelisting Trusted IP Ranges

As you know, has taken many steps to ensure that their app is secure. The primary security features call for the use of a security token appended to the standard Salesforce login credentials or a confirmation message to enable login from specific computers/laptops. For most Salesforce customers these security features were a welcomed addition but to developers these security features caused some headaches. [...]

Grant Login Access Using a Link and sControl

If you have ever been an administrator of Salesforce for any organization, you have inevitably had to request that a user grant you login access in order to assist them with a question or issue for which they requested your assistance. I know whenever I needed someone to grant me login access to their Id I would send them an Email with instructions. [...]

Highlighting Tab from Within sControl

When we were building the Messages Application for the AppExchange we encountered a little glitch that I think many Salesforce developers encounter but not all know how to remedy. The problem we ran into was that at times the highlighting of the Home tab would go away as we navigated to some of the sControls used within the app. [...]

Hiding & Displaying Buttons in the Page Layout using sControls

Lately I've been seeing more and more postings on many of the message boards around the use of buttons inside the Salesforce application. Primarily people are interested in passing information using buttons and in some cases hiding buttons when certain criteria are met. Since this seems to be a hot topic lately I thought I would share with you a simple way to accomplish the goal of displaying a button when certain criteria is met and otherwise hiding the button. [...]

Eliminate Scrollbars in Salesforce sControls

Many new AJAX developers ask me how I am able to build my sControls into a frame and get the sizing setup in such a manner to prevent scrollbars. Over the years I've tried many different JavaScript functions but found that one works better than any I've seen. For those reading this that might be unfamiliar with what I'm referring too I've included a screenshot. [...]

Mimic Task Subject Lookup in sControl

From time to time, there may be a need to mimic the lookup functionality from standard edit pages into a custom sControl. In this example, I am going to show you how to mimic the lookup field for "subject" that you would normally find on the Task edit page. The concepts covered in this example are built off some other concepts I've already done examples for on this site so please feel free to review some of our other examples prior to trying this one. [...]

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