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Beginner Apex Trigger Example

This post is intended for beginner developers or admins that are interested in learning more about the development side of the Salesforce platform. We will walk through the creation of a Salesforce Apex Trigger, highlight the fundamental elements of the logic and identify why the logic was built the way that we coded it here. [...]

Update to Partner Contact by Community User

Businesses that utilize Salesforce Communities for partners instead of the standard partner portal may find that partners have the ability to search for and find the Contact record that corresponds to their Community User record. It would be nice if did not allow for this visibility because the Partner User is technically unable to make updates to the Partner Contact record. If they click the "Edit" button for the Contact they will receive the Insufficient Privileges message. [...]

View Activities in Salesforce Communities

Here's the backstory... we customized a partner portal. offers us access to the Communities pilot program in order to meet the immediate business needs regarding customization of the application that partners use. indicates that Communities is an adequate yet superior product to partner portal and allows us to do some customizations, which were not possible in partner portal. surprises us with licensing and functionality limitations, which were not evident during pilot. [...]

Salesforce Communities: Allow Partners to Delete

Salesforce releases Communities, which is a much needed improvement to the stoned-aged partner portal user interface. I took part in the pre-release and found that the new functionality comes with some positives and some negatives. One big negative that I found was the inability for Community Users to delete records. provided a long list of reasons why partners should not be deleting records and why this basic functionality is not provided. But let's be serious... I am not going to field calls from partners because they need me or another admin in the org to remove records that they no longer need. After a week of taking these requests during the pilot, I decided to make the functionality available to Community Users - just because it would save me and those same partners some frustration. [...]

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