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RecordType Utility Apex Class

I like to group Apex methods by the object to which they apply. I find that this supports troubleshooting of code and ultimately reduces the amount of code in a given Salesforce organization. For example, every Salesforce developer that works in an Enterprise level organization or higher will find that more often than not they need to know the record types for a given object. [...]

Pass Values to New Opportunity Using Apex

Last year I wrote a post describing how to pass values to a new opportunity using the URL. This post is simply an alternative to accomplish the same goal of auto-populating values to a new record except using Visualforce and an Apex Class controller. For the purposes of our demonstration we will make some general assumptions about the values we want to pass to the new record. To keep it simple we plan on populating the Name, Stage and Close Date of the new opportunity. We will also make the logic flexible enough so that if Salesforce happens to pass additional information we will be able to include those key value pairs as well. [...]

Locale Aware DateTime Component

I am working with a client that is deploying some existing Visualforce pages to international Users. The Visualforce includes some Date and DateTime values so I checked them to make sure they would render appropriately for people accessing the logic internationally. It turns out that the original Visualforce code uses the <apex:outputText> tag to drive formatting for much of the Date/DateTime values within the pages. Therefore, I am converting the occurrences of each <apex:outputText> tag to the Visualforce component I built for rendering. [...]


I was recently developing some Apex logic and encountered the UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW error while running my Apex unit tests for the new code. This UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW error message can happen when unit tests update the same record(s) at the same time or when unit tests try to create records with duplicate index field values. One way to avoid this UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW error is to simply turn off parallel test execution. This can be accomplished via Setup > Develop > Apex Test Execution. [...]

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