Salesforce Platform Support

We understand that to best leverage your investment in your people, processes and Salesforce solution, you need cost-effective and skilled support that can take care of your needs right now. We will quickly learn what drives your business and offer rapid-response, making us more than just a technical resource - we become a valuable member of your team.

Purchase your hourly support package and we will assign a resource who will contact you to review your needs. Be prepared to explain your requirements or explain what problem you are trying to solve. If we determine the project cannot be completed in prepaid hours, we may give you an estimate, if possible, of expected additional time to complete your support request. You may purchase additional support time from this site in blocks of 4, 8 or 16 hours and additional time will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis following your initial assessment.

  • User maintenance (adding and modifications, de-activating, password resets, role management, profile management, public groups, queues)
  • Security model management (record sharing, accessibility settings, password & session settings, delegated administration)
  • Modification to configuration (creation or modification of custom objects, record types, fields, workflows, approval processes, page layouts, custom links and buttons, report types, Apps, tabs, labels, validation rules, assignment rules, auto-response rules)
  • Modification of specialized features (S2S, Console, Content)
  • Modification of standard objects (Ideas, Campaigns, Products, Assets, Contracts, Leads, Account, Opportunities, Activities, Cases, Solutions, Users)
  • Modification of custom objects (Objects with API names ending in "__c")
  • Analytics support (creation, modification and management of views, reports and dashboards)
  • Template support (creation or modification of email templates, mail merge templates, letterhead)
  • AppExchange package support (installation, management or removal of AppExchange packages)
  • Feature activation requests (extended mail merge, multi-currency)
  • Salesforce Premier Support management (log, review and management requests)
  • Data services (import of records; export of records; mass transfer; mass delete services)
  • Desktop application support (Connect for Microsoft Outlook, Connect for Office, Connect Offline)
  • Training (end-user and administrator)
  • Other (other support services as requested and agreed by Interactive Ties)
  • Custom Development with Apex, Visualforce, Sites, Triggers,,,,, Flows, Lightning App Builder, Outbound Messages, Static Resources, IOT Cloud, Wave Analytics & Pardot
  • Data extraction services from other than Salesforce
  • System integration
  • AppExchange consulting and application development
  • Initial set-up of customer or partner communities, single-sign-on, or Salesforce-to-Salesforce
  • Other services NOT already included on the In Scope services for support packages or data services list or otherwise accepted by Interactive Ties

If you have needs that fall under this excluded list, contact us so that we may have a qualified individual give you a call and provide you with a custom quote.

  • Work will always be deducted in quarter-hour increments.
  • The rates shown are based on payment through this website through our secure on-line payment system.
  • Packages of the same size purchased at the same time will expire at the same time.
  • Support packages are based on support via phone or web conference. On-site support is not available under these packages, but can be purchased separately. Please contact us for more details.
  • Effort expended by Interactive Ties to gain access to client systems will be charged to package.
  • No-show appoints or appointments cancelled with less than 4 hours notice will deduct the greater of 1 hour or 50% of the cancelled scheduled appointment time from the available support plan balance.