Salesforce Cloud Implementation

We have lead hundreds of Salesforce implementation projects since 2003. We've learned the lessons that will ensure your deployment is a success. Don't have a failed start. It's more affordable than you might think to have your implementation professionally and quickly managed.

The Implementation Process

First, we should mention the best CRM solution deployed poorly is a poor solution. During our initial conversations, your advisor at Interactive Ties will ask you a variety of questions to understand your high-level needs. Depending on the results of this conversation, the following process steps may be utilized in your project. Depending on the length of your project, we will hold multiple project review meetings with you to ensure the solution is meeting your expectations. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction and absolutely no surprises!

Before you begin your deployment, have a plan. You wouldn't build a house without a set of blueprints, so why deploy your Salesforce or platform project without a plan? Don't lose team credibility as a result of a failed implementation. Let Interactive Ties design implementation, training, communication and roll-out plans to improve your results. We provide requirement specifications, mapping of existing business processes and gap analysis assessments (where applicable).

We work hard to understand the problems you are trying to solve and we create measurement systems to ensure your expectations are met. Contact us to have a no-obligation conversation about your project.

We have staffed our team with experienced Salesforce platform specialists with years of experience deploying Salesforce for clients. We will have a number of configuration review sessions based on the size and scope of your project so that we may review with you the interim progress we are making and ensure that we stay in alignment with your expectations.

Your Salesforce org will need data. Over the years we've found that data resides in many places: email systems, spreadsheets, accounting systems, ERP systems, personal contact managers, etc. To ensure your team is running on all cylinders from the beginning, we can help you make the decision on what data to migrate to Salesforce and get the data moved. We believe that for your team to be the most effective, they should spend minimal time re-entering data (if any). Training becomes most effective when they train on the fully configured Salesforce org which has been configured specifically for your business and has been pre-loaded with your company's data. Data services are something we do very well and with which we have considerable experience. There are five areas of data service:

  1. Extraction: getting the data out of your legacy systems. In some cases our clients prefer to handle this part of the job because in doing so they can review data quality.
  2. De-Duplication: eliminating duplicates. Leads, Accounts and Contacts are the most common areas for de-duplication.
  3. Transformation: take the opportunity to clean up the data. Examples include replacing codes with meaningful labels and standardizing values.
  4. Loading: getting the data into Salesforce. This includes mapping the fields from your output file to the objects and fields in the Salesforce org.
  5. Enrichment: populating missing data. You may be interested in ensuring that address, industry, SIC codes, phone numbers, revenue size, employee count and other key demographic data is populated.

Most organizations already utilize a quality ERP or accounting business system to manage Accounting/AR/AP, Purchasing/Procurement/Production, Receiving, Inventory Management, Order Management and Shipping. Information in your various enterprise systems becomes many times more valuable when systems are integrated. Interactive Ties will work with you to design and manage any necessary integrations.

Not only do companies need training on the initial deployment, but periodic feature training is recommended. provides approximately three major releases a year for its Salesforce CRM product, each of which have hundreds of features. You've already paid for the application and platform. Let us improve your results by helping you keep your edge.